What is App Store Optimisation (ASO)?

App sgtore optimisation

App store optimisation (ASO) helps improve the app store rank/visibility of the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It primarily focuses on the performance of Apps in the app stores (Google & Apple) and helps drive more downloads for the app.

What is the main objective of ASO?

The main objective of ASO is to make your app discoverable eventually leading to more downloads for the app. Higher the app store rank of the App in the search results, higher the number of downloads of the app. The higher-ranking apps are more relevant for the users and eventually translate into more downloads. ASO is not just relevant for driving organic downloads basis the search query, but also it will improve conversion rates of the paid install campaign if the title, creative assets, description, ratings etc. are pertinent for the users.

ASO is very much like SEO (search engine optimisation used for websites), in terms of improving the app store rank/visibility of the app within the user search results.

 SEO and ASO- Difference and Similarities

Google Search Engine Google Play store and Apple App Store
On Page

a)  Title

b)  H1, H2, H3 tags

c)   Keyword density

d)  Page Speed

e)  Bounce rate


a)  App name (title)

b)  Description

c)   Keywords

d)  Usage metrics

e)  Uninstall rate

Off Page

a)  Links

b)  Anchor text

c)   Social Signals


a)  Downloads

b)  Ratings and reviews

c)   Social Signals

Key objective is to drive traffic Key objective is to drive download of the app

How to do App Store Optimisation

ASO primarily has two domains:

  1. Keyword Optimisation- It includes researching, analysing, and choosing keywords to increase the ranking of the app within the app store search results. This is implemented within the App name (title), description of the App, and to some extent reviews of the app.
  2. Assets Optimisation- It improves the appearance of the App in the stores and thus, aids in the conversion of visitors to app downloads. This is impacted by app icons, app preview video, and screenshots of the app, primarily the display elements.

Summary of basics of App store optimisation (ASO)

  1. App Store Optimisation- Optimising app pages to improve the visibility/rank of the app in the search results and convert visitors to download the app
  2. App Store Ranking- List of apps shown in the app stores basis the user search query
  3. Keyword Optimisation- User pertinent keywords to drive the visibility of the app
  4. Asset Optimisation- Improving app page appearance to convert visitors to the app downloads

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