Mobile App Deep Linking

As per, “deep linking is defined as a methodology for launching native mobile applications via a link.” In simpler words, it allows the app owners to launch the app and take users to the specific location inside the app. Through deep linking, news apps/magazine apps can take directly take readers to a particular content inside the app. E-commerce players can take open the item as per the choice of their users.

Why Deep Linking can’t be avoided?

a) Growth: Deep linking has become all the more important after Google announcing App indexing APIs so that Google can directly take users from mobile’s SERP page to the specific location in the app. And with app indexing APIs becoming more and more advance, deep linking as a medium will become imperative for the app owners.

b) Engagement: As per latest Flurry reports , users spend 86% of their time in-app versus only 14% through the mobile browser. Therefore, to improve user experience and increase engagement rates it becomes critical for the brands to take users to the right place inside the app rather than dodging them with the wrong content in the app. Simple reasoning is take the user to what they want minimum clicks. This good experience results in higher brand loyalty.

c) Retention: Deep linking works brilliantly well with fueling re-engagement with the app and re-targeting. Imagine, user installed your app and never opened it or used it once and never came back. What we need is push notification or re-targeting campaign with deep linking enabled with real value add for the customer to take them to the right content in your app.

d) Drive Traffic from website to App: Each page of the website can now be opened inside the app environment.

Deep Linking- Linking websites to Apps           Read how it is done on Android here.


Understanding Deep Linking

Uniform Resource Identifier or URI for deep linking broadly looks likeDeep Linking URI structure

The Scheme/Intent filter tells the user to open which app in the phone and part of the URI after that tells which section inside the app needs to be opened. The structure of the URI might vary a little depending upon the mobile OS.

The big technology giants Google, Facebook and Apple all are working in this exciting and ever improving domain of deep linking. Here are some other start-ups which are rubbing shoulders with the giants: mobile deep linking, AppURL, URX, App Links, Branch and Tapstream.

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