5 key strategies marketers need to implement in 2017

5 Marketing Strategies for 2017

Right Metrics for the business

“One metrics fits all” doesn’t works. Marketers need to look at more granular level metrics at a device level. This becomes critical because people are using mobile phones in a different manner- to get influenced/inspired, to complete something, to decide, or get some new information. For example, users primarily do “add to cart” on mobile. Thus, why look at final conversion on mobile. Then use automation and re-marketing to drive conversions. My favourite case study being Sephora as they understood that customers are looking at product reviews on smartphones while being in-store. So they focused on product reviews and enabling loyalty by creating content for smartphone users.

Building for Mobile

Mobile has become imperative in our customers’ decision making process. Therefore, it should be core of our strategy, media plans, and communication. Being customer first means, being mobile first- interacting with our customers on mobile and enhancing their experiences. Thus, marketers need to understand that and review entire marketing strategy, user experience, and creative communication in the mobile ecosystem.

Targeting customers in real time

Users are looking for cues in each of the four micro-moments- “I want to know”, “I want to go”, "I want to do” and “I want to buy”. Thus, as Google puts it, marketers need to “be there” in the entire customer journey in the real time. This caters to the “instant need of the millennials” and helps marketers build engagement and eventually loyalty with the brand.

Relevant Content across the customer journey

Brands need to understand at which stage of the funnel users are at, and accordingly communicate to them. Thus, topical content at each stage of the user journey becomes critical for driving conversions and eventually loyalty with the brand. Thus, marketers need to have holistic view of customer journey and create assets accordingly. As Google puts it, brands need to focus on end of funnel, “I want to buy” moments too and more importantly “I want to know” moments too, so that they build long lasting relationships.

Video Content has taken off

Users do not differentiate between videos from being on TV, computers or mobile. People consume whatever they want to on whichever screen they want to. Thus, marketers need to discontinue with that segregation in their mindsets in terms of- budgets, creative strategy and even team structures and responsibilities. Thus, mobile/online needs to very much integrated with TV media plans to drive greater results.

Let me know what do you think about the above strategies and how many have you implemented in the comments section below. 

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