Tools to find Long Tail Keywords- Free and Paid

Tools to find long tail keywords

Each search query is an expression of users' needs, wants, interests and desires. It is imperative for marketers to understand that and use the most relevant search queries to create content/campaigns around the same to get higher RoI. 

It is a proven fact that long tail keywords produce higher conversion rate and better RoI than normal short tail keywords. Thus, lets understand what are they and how to find them.

What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are keywords that contain 3 or more words. The more keywords search phrase contains, more specific it is.

Long Tail Keyword vs Short tail keyword



Short Tail Keywords v/s Long Tail Keywords

  Search Query “Red Shoes” Search Query “Nike red shoes less than USD 50”
Ease to rank for Difficult as there will be thousands and thousands of pages with red shoes Easy as the query is very specific
Conversion rates Generic visitors who may or may not convert Relevant visitors who are looking for certain aspects. Hence, higher conversion rate


High thus difficult to tank for Low, thus easier to rank for
Cost Higher CPC because of lot of competition Lower CPC as less competition
RoI Low RoI- high CPC and low conversion rate High RoI- Low CPC and increased conversion rate

Tools to discover Long Tail Keywords:

  1. Hittail- One of the best tools to find long tail keywords. It generates keyword suggestions basis your query, analyses your existing website traffic and suggests the other Long tail keywords to rank. It is a paid tool but it will give high RoI fir bloggers, marketers, e-commerce websites etc.
  2. Ubersuggest- A great free tool which takes Google Suggest to the next level. It takes the seed keyword and adds every letter in the alphabet after the seed keyword to generated hundreds of long tail keyword suggestions.
  3. AnswerThePublic- A free tool which helps to discover question focused keywords. It provides with a one pager that can be used to understand what your customers are worried about. It is great tool for the entire marketing team.
  4. The tool follows a freemium model with its free version providing 750+ keyword suggestions for every seed keyword. It is amongst the best tool to suggest long tail keywords; a great alternative to Google keyword planner tool, which has not been very reliable when it comes to blogging, SEO or content marketing.
  5. Wordtracker Keyword tool- This a paid tool with first 7 days for free. This tool helps you find profitable long tail keywords, along with volume, competition, and many more relevant information.

Other Places to figure out Long tail keywords:

  1. Related searches in Google at the bottom of the SERP- This happens to be pretty awesome in giving you long tail keywords
  2. Discussion forums and board- Search for “<seed keyword > discussion”. Google will show you list of forums/groups. You can find lots of long tail keywords from the discussion happening there.
  3. Google Auto Suggest- When you start typing a keyword in Google search bar, it suggests the long tail keywords. This is pretty handy when it comes to figure out the relevant long tail keywords basis your seed keyword. Then you need to use other tools to figure out the volume, competition etc.
  4. Google Webmaster tools- Figure out the long tail keywords which you are already ranking on in your Google Search Console in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th page. Use other tools to figure out the other details in terms of competition and volume. Optimise the content for those relevant keywords. 
  5. Google Correlate- One of the lesser know tools, this tool shows keywords which are related to each other. Google correlate shows these "correlated" keywords. These are your seed keywords. Then you need to use other tools like ubersuggest or to figure out the long tail versions of them.

Feel free to add your comments or views about the tools mentioned. Also, in case you have used any other tools which were of great value please add them too in the comments section. 


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