Understanding what is Facebook Audience Network?

Facebook Audience Network

Simply put Audience Network is Facebook’s ad network just like Google display network (GDN). Facebook ties up with multiple mobile websites and mobile app developers to show the ads- images and videos. It uses third party data to extend its people based targeting, measurement, and delivery on the audience network to help advertisers achieve their objective at best price. Thus, Audience network is a great way of increasing the reach beyond Facebook’s ecosystem utilizing Facebook data.

Facebook shows the same images, text, videos, dynamic ads that are running in FB newsfeed in Audience Network too. Audience network placement is available with the following campaign objectives: click to website, website conversion, mobile app installs, mobile app engagement, dynamic ads and video views campaign.

Les say for example your campaign objective was getting website conversion. So following steps will occur once FB serves the ad in the partner apps/website and user clicks on it:

  1. The landing page/website opens in a new browser window
  2. The user takes a desired action in the advertiser website
  3. FB records conversion and attributes the same to the corresponding campaign/ad set/ad

If the objective is mobile app engagement, user click will enable the following steps:

  1. The exiting advertiser’s app will open
  2. Facebook records the same and attributes the same to the current ad

If the objective is mobile app install, then click on an ad will induce following actions:

  1. User is taken to Google Play/App store
  2. If user installs the app, FB records the conversion and attributes it to the ad

Thus, Audience network is great way to reach people beyond FB using FB’s “people targeting” approach.

How to start ads on FB’s audience network?

 If you are using power editor for creating ads, then just go to the existing ad set or create a new one. Under the ad set in “placement” section, click “choose your placement” and just check the radio button against the Audience Network.

FB Power editor- Enable Audience Network


Measure Performance of Ads on Audience Network

  1. Choose campaigns, ad sets, or ads whose performance you want to trackSelecting Campaigns/ad sets/ads FB business manager
  2. Select “columns” and then “customize columns” to choose the metrics you want to measureFB business manager- Customise columnsFB business manager- Choose the columns
  3. Click “columns” tab and then select “placementFB business manager- Select the PlacementI always prefer to experiment with Audience network. Here is the result produced for one of my client for app install campaigns and have seen very good results.

    FB business manager- Report App Install

    For Android app install campaign, Audience network has clearly performed better than FB and has given scale too. Audience network has given almost 4 times the reach and 10 times the app installs than FB. Though Cost per Reach is higher for Audience Network but in this case the desired objective of App Installs at cheaper price was achieved. It is also quite possible that I didn’t have enough relevant audience in my cost per install range on FB. Hence, FB went to Audience network to deliver the desired results at best price possible. It would be an interesting experiment to do that when I switch off Audience network from my targeting options what scale FB can give me and at what price.

    Guys let me know your thoughts on Audience Network performance and whether it has helped you or not?

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