Learn how to structure Facebook Campaigns

Let’s assume you are running an e-commerce store. In order to drive online sales from FB, how you should structure the campaigns?
To properly organize, optimize and measure the performance of the ads, FB has 3 level campaign structure:
1. Campaigns: A campaign can contain multiple ad sets and ads. One needs to decide the campaigns basis the marketing objective. Every campaign has to have unique marketing objective to achieve.
2. Ad sets: An ad set can contain multiple ads. We define targeting, budget, bidding, schedule of ads, and placement of the ads (device, right hand side or newsfeed, audience network, Instagram or only FB) at the ad set level.
3. Ads: The communication we use makes up the ad. It includes, images, videos, slideshows, text, etc.

FB new campaign structure

How to structure the campaigns

Different Campaigns for each objective: Create different campaigns basis the objective you want to achieve.  

Facebook campaign objectivesLet’s assume you are running an e-commerce store. So should you use “send people to your website” as campaign objective or will “increase conversions on your website” will work better?To test that, run two different campaigns with these two objectives and measure the performance of each objective across multiple ad sets and ads.

Create Ad sets by relevant targeting: Figure out the audience you need to target along with your budgets, schedule of your ads, bidding and placement for each of the ads under the ad set.

  • Create different ad set for each of your audiences (demographics, interest based, custom audiences, behavior based targeting, look alike audiences etc.)
  • Avoid overlapping of audiences amongst the ad sets so that they do not compete against each other

Decide the Budget: Choose between daily budget or lifetime budget.

  • Daily budget implies you are willing to spend the amount per ad set per day. Once the daily budget exhausts, ad set will stop running
  • Lifetime budget means that FB can spend the amount over the stipulated duration as mentioned and it will evenly distribute the budgets over the duration.

Choose your bids

  • One can either bid by campaign objective one chose at step 1, or can pay when somebody clicks on the ads or whenever the impression is served. This will decide how you pay to FB, how much you pay, and who will see the ad.


  • Select where your ad will be shown amongst desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed, desktop right column or Instagram, or FB audience network or only on Facebook.

Set up multiple ads

  • Always set up multiple creative to test between image, video, text or links
  • One can’t have more than 50 ads in one ad sets.
  • Measure the performance of the ads on a regular basis and pause the ones which are not delivering on the objective

Realign the budgets

  • Measure the performance of the ad sets basis the objective and accordingly move the budgets from one ad set to another


Let's take a real life scenario

One of my clients from education industry wanted to get leads for his business. So we had two options for campaign objective:

  1. Website conversion, which implies we take person to our website and then ask him to submit the leads
  2. Lead generation ads, where the person stays on FB and submits the lead there itself

So we deiced to test the both and see how which campaign objective works better. Then in each of these campaigns we created multiple ad sets basis the targeting:

  1. Lookalike (1%) of existing customers
  2. Government employees, we excluded audience (a)
  3. MNC employees, we excluded audience (a)
  4. Bank employees, we excluded audience (a)

In each of the ad sets of each of the campaigns we had same ads so as to test which kind of communication triggers response from which audience.

Then we set the recommended bids basis the objective to see the performance. We carefully monitored the performance of each ad in each of the ad sets and accordingly aligned the budgets basis the performance.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and in case something is not clear.


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