Different Types of Facebook Campaign Objectives Explained- part 2

In this article we will talk about the remaining 6 Facebook campaign objectives. You can read about the first 6 Facebook campaign objectives here.

Local Awareness

Advertisers can increase awareness and hence footfalls, by reaching out to people who are closer to their business. Users can then either “get directions” to reach to the business or “call” the business directly and speak with them. This ad format also provides targeting by zip codes so businesses can choose specific areas only to target their ads. The ads are currently available on Facebook desktop and mobile newsfeed.

Local business facebook adOffer Claims

Advertisers can promote the timely sale/ discounts/ special deals to drive people to their stores. Advertisers can decide how long the offers runs for, who all can this offer, how many customers can claim and much more. This ad format works pretty well to promote special deals for selected customer base. The ads are seen in desktop/mobile and RHS of Facebook.

Facebook Ads for discounts and special deals

Page Likes Campaign

The campaign objective lets you get more people like your Facebook page. When a user likes your page, your posts may appear in your newsfeed and hence you can increase your brand awareness and possibly acquire new customers. So effectively it lets you connect with all the people who are probably aware of your business and are potential customers. The ads are shown in Facebook’s desktop and mobile newsfeed along with RHS on desktop.

Facebook Page like advertisements

Page Post Engagement Ads

Facebook advertisers can no boost/promote the content they shared on their Facebook’s page. They can choose the relevant targeting and hence get more people see their content. Engagement can be liking, sharing or commenting on the post the advertiser promoted. This way advertisers get to understand what kind of content their customers are engaged with. One can do normal photo/video or text ads which are seen on Facebook/Instagram newsfeed both desktop and mobile including RHS o Facebook desktop.

Ads for engagement on facebook posts

Video Views Campaign

Through this objective, advertisers can push their video content and advertisements on Facebook in most cost effective manner. Video is the most engaging of all content forms and brands can take advantage of this by creating expressive videos that appeal to users’ heart and mind. The video ads are shown in Facebook/Instagram newsfeed both desktop and mobile including RHS on Facebook desktop.

facebook ads for promoting videos

Website Conversions

Advertisers can lead people from Facebook to their website to either buy a product or sign up for a newsletter. Advertisers can measure registrations, leads, important page viewed, add to carts and other relevant website conversions. For the same advertisers need to paste the Facebook pixel in their website code. The ads can be either single image or carousel and can include photo or video. The ads are shown in Facebook/Instagram newsfeed both desktop and mobile including RHS on Facebook desktop.

Website conversions facebook ads

I hope now anybody can understand Facebook Campaign objectives. Let me know if there is any more doubts or clarifications needed. Feel free to post your comments in the section below.

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