Different Types of Facebook Campaign Objectives Explained- Part 1

Facebook provides myriads of media options for advertisers to achieve their marketing objective.  Whether you are an e-commerce player who wants to drive conversions or you are brand looking to increase awareness about your value position or you are an NGO looking forward to increase promote your event in the locality, Facebook provides multiple advertising formats to achieve whatever your objective might be.

Following image highlights the list of campaign objectives as of now available with FB:

FB campaign objective


Most of the above mentioned objectives are self-explanatory, but let’s go objective by objective to understand more in depth

App engagement

The ad format targets people who have already installed your app to increase engagement with the app. On clicking the ad, advertisers can take users to which ever screen they want- online store, registration page, or download page. Facebook provides in depth metrics to analyse the usage of your app. The only requirement is that Facebook’s SDK is integrated with your app. These ads are shown in Facebook’s mobile news feed and Instagram’s mobile news feed. Advertisers can use photo or videos as creative assets.
Facebook Ads App engagement

App Installs

The ad format targets people who do not have your app installed. On clicking the ad, the users are taken to corresponding app store landing page showcasing your app. Fb provides detailed metrics to measure your app installs, for the same FB’s SDK needs to be implemented. These ads are shown in Facebook’s mobile news feed and Instagram’s mobile news feed. Advertisers can use photo or videos as creative assets.


App install Facebook Ad

Brand Awareness

It is critical for businesses to reach out to right set of audience to create awareness about their brands. Advertisers can use photos or videos with/without landing pages to increase their brand awareness. The ads are shown in Facebook or Instagram Newsfeed (desktop and mobile) as carousel ad or single image/video ads.

Increase Brand Awareness Facebook ad

Clicks to Website

With this objective Facebook serves ad to people who are more likely to click on your ad and go to a corresponding section in your website. Lot of advertisers also use this to drive traffic to their website. Advertisers can use photos/videos as creative assets to incite people to click on the ad and go their corresponding landing pages.  One important thing to remember here is that there is no call to action button with this ad format. Ads are shown in Facebook/Instagram newsfeed on desktop/mobile. Besides ads are also shown on right hand side on Facebook desktop.


Take people to your website from Facebook ads

Event responses

With this campaign objective, advertisers can promote their offline events and increase awareness about the same. Advertisers can use photos which are shown on Facebook/Instagram Newsfeed on desktop and mobile. Besides, they are also shown on right hand side on desktop.

Generate responses for your event through Facebook ads

Lead Ads 

Businesses can generate leads inside Facebook’s eco-system without taking them to their website. I have talked about in depth about lead ads in my separate blog post. Advertisers have achieved scale at lesser cost using this platform. One can use image as creative assets which are shown on Facebook’s newsfeed (desktop and mobile). Going forward Facebook might extend this to Instagram as well including videos and carousel ad formats.


Get leads for your businesses from Facebook Ads

I have divided the 12 Facebook campaign objectives into 2 parts. I have explained first 6 above. Remaining 6 campaign objectives will be explained in part 2.

Let me know your thoughts/suggestions in the comments section below.

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