Generating High Quality Leads from Facebook Lead Ads

High quality leads from FB lead ads

For one of my clients, we experimented with Facebook lead ads to generate leads. When we started the ads, the FB lead ads brought down our Cost per lead (CPL) to 1/3rd the original cost (through conventional lead ads) and we were pretty happy. But then when we analysed the entire funnel, we realized that though the CPLs have gone down and we are getting pretty good scale, but the quality of leads was questionable.

Our conventional CPL was used to be around $7 with daily volume of 200 leads.  And we used to convert around 18%. So effectively out CPL came out to be around $39. With FB Lead ads we scaled that volume to 400, with CPL around $4. But conversion was hardly around 4%. So effectively our CPL became $100.

When user will submit a lead?

When will user submit a lead

How to make Lead Ads effective?

  1. Describe your offerings- There is a difference between conventional ad communication and Lead gen ad communication. With conventional ads, advertisers can always describe their offerings on details on the landing pages. But Lead gen ads’ communication has to be self-explanatory and convincing.
  2. Use Context Card: Facebook have created “context card” between the ad and the lead form. Use that as a stepping stone to describe your services/products.
  3. Less is more: Don’t ask for too much information in the form. Even though Facebook provides some auto-filled categories, however the more you ask the more user will be apprehensive about the sharing the information. Only ask for the “most critical” information. For one of my travel clients, we only ask where they want to go, budget, and source station. Rest we call/email them for remaining information.
  4. Targeting: The most critical step for generating “high quality leads.” Start with people who already know your brand viz. website visitors or friends of your fan page on FB or custom email audience. Create a website custom audience of the visitors who visited the page that describes your services which is mentioned in the lead ads.
  5. Retargeting: Facebook have recently launched a feature of retargeting people who clicked on your lead ad but haven’t submitted the lead form or might have filled the information but haven’t submitted the form. Retagret them with incentives or offers. Read about creating retargeting audience for lead ads.
  1. Create the funnel: Analyse the whole funnel rather than stopping at the CPL metrics
  2. Exclude audience: Do not forget to exclude the audience who has already submitted the leads. You do not want them to get annoyed with your ads even after submitting the leads and waste your impressions also.


After implementing the each and above steps and analyzing the impact of each of them in the funnel, we brought down the cost of leads from initial $100 to $ 28 with volume of lads coming down to 250 which is still higher than the conventional lead ads.


Let me know your thoughts and how you improved the efficacy of lead ads on facebook in the section below.


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