Facebook Lead Ads Remarketing Audience

Facebook have recently launched a feature to retarget the people who have engaged with your lead ads but haven’t submitted the leads. This will be another key feature to drive better RoIs from FB lead Ads. I have written a blog on how to make your lead ads more effective.

Impact of Retargeting with Lead ads

One of my luxury product client, has an offering which sends prototype of the product to the customers’ home for trying and it is called as at home-try-on (HTO) service. We analysed his campaigns and saw that out of 50,000 people we reach on daily basis only 0.1% of that audience submits the lead ad form.

We created an audience who opened the form but didn’t submit the form, whatever the reason might be. So we created a custom communication for those user and gave some discount if they submit a lead for the HTO. We immediately saw an upswing in the number of leads and our Conversion rate jumped to 0.25% from 0.1%.

How to create Remarketing Audience for Lead Ads

1. Go to Audiences and click on “Create Audience” followed by clicking “Custom Audience”

Custom Audience Facebook Lead Ads

2. “Create a custom audience” dialog box will open. Click on “Engagement on facebook”

Engagement audience on Facebook

3.  A new dialog box will open. Click on “Lead Ads”

Lead Ads engagement on Facebook

4. Separate Dialog box will open. It will ask you fill the lead form for which you want to create a remarketing audience. Then it will ask you to select the audience. The three options will be anybody who opened the form, people who opened but didn’t submit, people who opened and submit the form. Select the audience as “people who clicked but didn’t submit.

Lead Ads remarketing audience

5. Name the audience you just created. You can see the audience with the same name in the audience table.

Remember: Create a new remarketing audience who has already submitted the lead form. Exclude them from the original lead ad campaigns as you do not want to spam them with your communication and waste your impressions.

Let me know how remarketing audience for lead ads have worked for you guys. Also, let me know if there are some other ways to improve upon the same int eh comments section below.

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