Difference between Facebook Lead ads and Conventional Lead ads

Everything you need to know about Facebook lead ads

There are two ways to generate leads on facebook:

The conventional way: Push the content or ads which will take users to a landing page on the website. However, this method of lead generation has some weaknesses.

Lead Generation ad unit on Facebook: This looks like normal ad unit except the fact that when you click on it, it opens like a form where FB pre-fills the public information viz. name, email id, phone number.

Conventional Way FB Lead Ads
User leaves Facebook: Users are on FB to scan through their posts, photos of family and friends. Our ad interrupts that experience and clicking on it takes them to the website, i.e. outside of FB. User never leaves FB: They stay in FB newsfeed. Hence, if they want to leave it is perfectly fine.
Time and effort to fill the form: Some advertisers ask for lot of information from the users. Auto-Fill: FB auto fills the public information like (name, email id, and phone number, if provided; besides advertisers can ask for custom information which will not be auto filled). It considerably increases conversion rate.
Page load time: Normally it takes lot of time to load a page when somebody clicks on a link from FB Page Load time: It is completely removed as the user stays in FB ecosystem.
Mobile Responsive: I have seen higher CTRs on mobile but the conversion rates are almost one third of the desktop. It is more difficult to fill so many fields on mobile device. Mobile Responsive: Entire process gets completed within FB, so there is no need to worry about mobile responsiveness.
Facebook Lead ad example
Facebook Lead ad's context card example
Facebook Lead form example
Facebook lead ad's equivalent to thank you page

So clearly we see the FB leads ad is so simple to submit lead without any problems to the user.

Let me know what you guys think about the lead ads in the comment section.

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