How to use Audience Insights tool to build Audience Personas to target for Facebook Ads- Part 1

FB Audience insights tool feature image-part 1

Target audience is one of the most criteria to run a successful Facebook ads campaign. Because the right audience will have clear impact on your relevance score and hence, other performance oriented metrics.

Audience insight tool uses Facebook’s native data and 3rd party data (sources like Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon) to form these insights about the audience. One key important thing to remember here is that the number we see in Audience Insights is based on the number of people that have logged-in to Facebook in the past month.

To access Facebook Audience Insights tool

Access Facebook's Audience Insights Tool

Facebook suggests the audience to start with but one can always ignore them and start afresh

Facebook Audience Insights tool 1

Facebook provides following parameters to get insights about your audience. Remember that some of these parameters of creating audience might be geography limited viz. Financials, Home, Politics, etc and only be available for the US.

Facebook Audience Insights Tool-2

We will analyse following four audience: Fans of your page, Website Custom Audience, Email Lists and your Competitors audience. And will be divided into 4 parts. This part will start with the Fans of your facebook page.

Lets start with analyzing audience to build personas:

  • Fans of the your Facebook page: Under “Connections” and “pages connected to” type the page name you are admin of.

Facebook Audience Insights Tool-3


For one of my clients, we clearly see 1.3M active monthly Fan base on FB which is a very good number. 

Facebook Audience Insights Tool-Demographics

Age and Gender data suggests majority of the fans are less than 34 years of age, so the brand has been able to capture the audience young and can reap benefits of long fruitful relationship with these fans.



Facebook Audience Insights Tool-relationship status
Facebook Audience Insights Tool-education level data

The “relationship status” and “educational level” confirms the young audience as the fans of the brand page. This can be inferred as people who are aware about the brand and can be considered as brand awareness indicator.

Relevant Page Likes suggests which other pages your fans have liked. Looking at below data, I can see pretty high relevancy for my client. Pretty awesome!

Facebook Audience Insights Tool-Relevant Page Likes

Location Specific Data-  Most of my clients’ fans are from metro cities of India. So when targeting audience, we should keep in mind that our brand awareness is high in metro cities.

Facebook Audience Insights Tool-Location insights

How active are your fans on FB?

Facebook Audience Insights Tool-how active are fans on Facebook

We clearly see the fans on my client like on an average 36 posts in a month and click on 21 ads which is way higher than facebook’s average. Thus, this is very engaged audience and it is very good sign for my client.

Also, around 48% use FB from desktop and mobile thus, it suggests when setting up ads targeting on both desktop and mobile is important. One startling revelation is that around 1/3rd of the fans on my clients still use Facebook from the mobile web rather than app. Thus, they might not be using high end phones with good memory space as suggested by decent amount of feature phone users as well.

Now one can further slice and dice the data of the fans by selecting the various other parameters like Behaviour and Interest to understand what kind of activities and they indulge in and what are their hobbies and interests are like. Depending upon these parameters brand can also seek relevant alliances with other brands.

Facebook Audience Insights Tool-11

In the following blogs I will try to use website custom audience, email lists, and your key competitors’ audience to drive audience personas and make your marketing more relevant.

Hope this post was useful to you guys. Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions in the comment section.

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