This is the most difficult section for me to write!

I am Siddhant, the admin of this website and writer of the articles published here. Digital marketing just happened to me and am glad that it did.Have around 6 years of experience out of which 5 years in digital marketing in e-commerce, travel, B2B, classifieds.
I describe myself as somebody who enjoys action, somebody who can’t sit idle. I really enjoy my work and am passionate for the field of analytics, digital marketing, and mobile.
The website is created as a means to help any upcoming learner and share my experience and learnings with world of digital marketing.
I love to travel. Travel, too, somehow happened to me. Besides travelling and working, at times I enjoy watching sitcoms, talk to friends, and work as a consultant for startups.

One can always reach me on my email id: for any kind of digital marketing related queries.